Building Inspections: Smart Tips for Home Buyers

5 June 2015
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A building inspection is aimed at revealing the condition of real estate property before purchase. If you are thinking about investing in a home, this is an indispensable process. It will help you avoid houses that will cause you extensive structural problems in the future. Moreover, it will reveal any problems that could incur significant repair expenses after you take ownership.

You should hire a qualified professional consultant for the task; this will ensure that the report provided is accurate and up-to-standard. The inspector will assess and account for interior and exterior aspects of the building as well as the other features within the site. Unfortunately, home buyers can still make poor choices with regard to property after receiving the inspection report, due to lack of proper understanding. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the process.

Be Present

The inspection process mainly involves visual and physical assessment of the property structure. The defects and anomalies are noted by the consultant and presented to the buyer in a standard report. You will be required to make a decision on whether to purchase the house or not, based on these findings.

It is important for you to be present at the site during the inspection process. You will get a clearer image of the problems by seeing the real items compared to reading details in reports. In addition, you can ask the inspector to explain or clarify any required repairs or potential hazards. This will help make good informed decisions with regard to the property.

Ask for Repair Estimates

Building inspection companies normally employ professionals such as architects, licensed builders and surveyors for the structural assessment roles. These businesses may also have a contractor partner that they typically recommend for repairs after inspection. Either way, the inspectors are knowledgeable about the construction business and you can benefit from this.

Request for a general price estimate for the property problems pointed out during the inspection. This will limit the waste of time and money which would be required to hire a contractor for a second examination after the report is presented.

Specify Your Concerns

A standard pre-purchase building inspection is not comprehensive so concealed problems may not be identified. Often, you will require additional examination by specialists such as pest inspectors, water supply authority and electricians. Separate specialists are expensive to engage, especially when you are buying a house. If you have concerns, you can eliminate these costs by pointing out particular features or areas you need specially examined.